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Cheryl is an awesome facilitator for artist groups. She's inspiring and asks all the right questions to stimulate your mind and creativity. If you ever need a jumpstart in your company or life, I highly recommend you seek Cheryl out!

"What an awesome weekend! It surpassed my wildest imaginations."

"Thanks so much! For everything-all of your effort, energy, wisdom, sharing, love and especially your CREATIVITY!"

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The Artist's Way-Central Florida

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The Artist's Way Class! 
13 weeks of recovering your outrageous creativity!  From the popular book by Julia Cameron.

Artist's Way Opening Class Su...

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Cheryl Jones Evans

Double Click on the image, it will take you to my ONE DRIVE account.  Download the .jpg image into your personal picture file and print as many copies of "Life Pie" that you want to use!  It is a TERRIFIC exercise to actually see where you may want to spend more time!